Lime has a wide range of uses in the most diverse areas of the Industrial Sector, such as: Metallurgy, Ore, Nonferrous Metallurgy, Chemistry, Cellulose, Tanneries, Glass, Ceramics, among many others. In these areas of activity, lime can be applied on the shape of quicklime, dolomitic lime and hydrated lime, depending on its application. 

The application of Lime, in each sector, assumes completely different functions: in the steel and metallurgical industry it is used for the formation of slag, for desulphurisation and dephosphorisation of Steel; in the ore industry it is used for the separation of materials; in the chemical industry it gives rise to new products; in the food industry it is used to create food syrups; in the paper industry it integrates in a large part of the whole process; among many other utilities in other sectors of activity.



Hydrated Lime 

Dolomitic Lime