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MAXICAL - SOCIEDADE INDUSTRIAL E COMERCIAL DE LIME FROM MAXIEIRA UNIPESSOAL, LDA, is a company whose main activity is the Production and Trade of Lime.


Maxical - Sociedade Industrial e Comercial de Cal da Maxieira, Lda. Estrada dos Fornos Maxieira, Fátima, 2495-641 Fátima, Santarém Online accommodation: We ask that for any additional information about any content (image, text or video) or functionality of our website, send us an email to


Your personal data in Maxical's various computer systems and databases were collected through contractual relationships and professional interventions with its customers. These will be used simply for the purposes mentioned above and for sending promotional and information campaigns via email.

You can cancel your personal data from our databases, at the time you consider appropriate, as long as you express this wish via email to Currently, Maxical is governed by compliance with the Law in force, that is, Law 67/98, of 26 October, amended by Law No. 103/2015, of 24/08.

After May 25, 2018, the General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (RPGD) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the European Council of 27 April 2016, which establishes and normalizes the processing and protection of personal data.

This company guarantees that your personal data will not be transferred to, let alone marketed to, another company. On the other hand, Maxical will not be able to guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data via email, as they are essential for the normal functioning of the company. The preservation of your personal data will be carried out for the period necessary to provide services, invoices and compliance with legal obligations and for the purposes of marketing "related to the area of ​​activity".


Currently, Maxical collects essential personal data in order to carry out effective communication with its customers and guarantee increased satisfaction with its services. In particular:

  • Name: essential to identify customer and related order.
  • Address: essential for shipping goods.
  • Email: essential to contact the customer if necessary.
  • Telephone Contact: essential to inform or request specific information about the request.


Your personal data is stored in a virtual space where the person responsible for the database and people destined for its use have access. Thus, Maxical is protected in accordance with the law in force. No additional techniques will be used to obtain your personal data and extraordinary information. In addition, Maxical guarantees that it does not alter or modify your personal data existing in our database.

This website has implemented security policies and technical measures in order to protect your data. These applied measures prevent unauthorized access, improper use, unauthorized modifications and unlawful destruction or accidental loss.


Your personal data will only be collected with your implicit consent and its use is only intended for communication between consumer and company, and for sending email marketing campaigns.


The contents, images and videos on this website were produced either internally or using a third party company. It is essential to reflect that any modifications or full copy of this website will be objectionable. In this sense, it should be noted that Maxical is fully protected by Portuguese and international law on data protection, copyright protection and intellectual protection.

If a full or partial copy of this website is found, Maxical will use all available means and tools to condemn the infractions. In addition, it reserves the right not to accept campaigns or advertisements from third parties.

This company may enjoy the right to modify any texts, images or videos on the website, whenever it considers it opportune or desirable.


By signing up for our newsletter, you are giving your consent on a voluntary basis to use your data to receive marketing campaigns carried out by Maxical. To cancel this same receipt, just click on the end of the newsletter or send an email to cancel via


The system of links being used on the website (internal and external links) aims to facilitate and improve navigation and better direct the user to what he needs. This company cannot assume any responsibility whatsoever for problems resulting from external links.


Cookies are small software tags that are stored on the access devices through the browser (browsers), and that information is retained which is entirely related to your preferences, including personal data.


Maxical uses a set of cookies in order to allow a better performance and experience for the user. Each stored cookie is unique and contains anonymous information. Thus, cookies have the main function of determining the utility, interest and number of users who visit our website, in order to allow faster and more efficient navigation, eliminating the need to enter repeated information. Maxical currently uses the following cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: allow the user to browse the website and use its applications, as well as access the security areas of the website.
  • Analytical cookies: allow the company to be aware of some informational data in order to improve the performance of its website.
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The acceptance or deactivation of cookies can be made at any time. However, it is essential to be aware that this deactivation will create some navigation problems and graphical coherence. We warn that browsers store cookies and in turn some personal data for which we cannot assume any responsibility.