Civil Construction

Knowledge of the existence of lime is directly linked to construction. Since always, Cal has played a very important role in construction, it is considered the oldest binder in the world. With the advent of the cement age, lime is no longer directly linked to construction, but is used more as a component of prefabricated mortars. However, studies indicate that there is no product in the world with the same characteristics as lime.

It has been proven over time that constructions made from lime have very specific and beneficial characteristics, namely durability and public health, by allowing the walls to breathe, avoiding the appearance of saltpeter and fungus, creating healthy environments! Lime can be the main binder in the various stages of construction from the laying of masonry, plastering and even painting itself, it can only be used in the structural part

The use of lime to paint the walls of houses with its waterproofing and disinfectant properties is well known in Portugal. The calcium hydroxide coating obtained through the application of thin layers, quickly absorbs the CO2 from the atmosphere transforming into calcium carbonate (limestone) of high hardness, "lime cycle". Thus, it is currently considered one of the most important components that pre-fabricated mortars have.

Public Works

Asphalt Manufacturing

The reason many builders use lime in their Asphalt is to increase the durability of their design and to reduce sensitivity to humidity. In this way, this material is very resistant to cracks. Due to its hardness, lime when added to the mortars becomes an excellent solution for places where heavy loads will pass.

Soil Stabilization and Modification

The application of lime to stabilize soils is based on the pozzolanic function of lime that allows to stabilize expansive clays avoiding their replacement. Lime, being a binding material, serves both as a stabilizing agent for subsoil pavements and for the soil under asphalt or cement pavements. In this sense, the use of lime to treat the soil noticeably improves the stability, impermeability and support of the cements. 


Artisanal Quicklime


Quicklime 8-60mm