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Quicklime - Calcium Oxide

Quicklime or Calcium Oxide is a product that derives from the Baking or Calcination of Limestone or Calcium Carbonate in appropriate Ovens, originating the decomposition of the raw material at 900/1000ºC. Our Quicklime derives from a high purity raw material ">94%", available in the Limestone Massif of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros.

Derived from production processes with modern and recent technology, our lime has quality and characteristics, from Whiteness, high purity and others, guaranteeing the regularity and homogeneity that distinguishes it in the market.

We have available several types of granulometry, taking into account the most diverse market needs and activity sectors where this product can be applied and used, from Bulk and bagged. The product granulometries that we present are the most usual, however there is availability to manufacture others by necessity, as well as in bagged products.