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LIMESTARS, LIME and DOLOMITES are minerals used as Agricultural Correctives, the addition of nutrients and correcting Soil Acidity are the main actions. The richness in CALCIUM and MAGNESIUM favors plant growth and increases crop yield.

The application of these minerals is called LIME, it can be done before the crops, that is, in the preparation of the soil before cultivating, or right after the harvests.

Lime is also present and assumes a very important role in animal husbandry, both in Stables and in pasture, namely with regard to the hygiene of spaces, the elimination of bacteria, viruses, parasites and the nutritional favoring of pastures.

Lime is a product that is also used in fruit production, usually as a component of some compositions, namely in Bordeaux mixture, compositions usually applied in a liquid state allowing spraying, the most common examples are olives and citrus fruits, reducing the Acidity and making them sweeter. Also allowing the creation of a Protective barrier against pests, diseases and damage to the elements, it adds nutrients “Calcium and Magnesium”, favoring and promoting healthy growth, it is biodegradable, regenerates the soil and is an excellent bactericide, totally Natural and Ecological.