Advantages of Maxical handmade lime

The history of lime in our region is lost in time, the ovens built in cylindrical form were installed in areas of scrub (mountain), or firewood (pine forest), even today there are traces of mountains and pine forests. Regarding the origin of the Maxical family, it dates back to the 1930s, and Manuel Pinto was its precursor until the 1950s, being passed the knowledge from generation to generation until today. Thus, all tricks, processes and actions are still performed today in order to maintain the same quality you have always known.

As for the fat lime manufacturing work, it has evolved over the years in order to create better working conditions, and increased production. The lime that until the 50's, was applied in the construction of stone masonry, as there are still buildings of this type, the lime was muffled for a year, to get a paste that together with the sand, the mortars were produced. We can mention that we are the only producer of handmade lime in Portugal, from which we supply all the companies of restoration, conservation, rehabilitation, reconstruction of the Portuguese patrimony. We supply a product with the same characteristics that were used in the past, so that the reconstruction remains with the standards required by the rebuilders and customers.

Our process of conception of Cal traicional for being supervised by the clients, so that they can verify our traditional process. In this way they can know how to obtain the product that we really designed in order to be able to justify at the time of contraction of their works.

In what concerns the type of Lime, we have a set of solutions capable of responding to all the phases of the reconstruction process, in order to perform a perfect work. From Lime in stone, in powder, in paste and in aged paste, available in various types of packging in order to buy the quantities you will need, without any kind of financial waste.