How to Spread Lime?

Buy a pH meter: Before you start spreading the lime, it is essential to measure the pH of your land. With the use of this equipment it will allow you to know all the weaknesses of your land, and then you can buy the appropriate amis agricultural concealer. The PH level of healthy terrain should be between 6 and 7.

Buy the required amount of lime: After diagnosis, you should calculate the amount of lime needed to obtain the ideal pH. 20kg of lime has a capacity to cover between 25 and 95m². Consider the pH correction to be carried out. You can purchase lime powder or granules. The difference between the two is just how to spread the lime, with granules for home farming being much easier.

Pass the plows on your land: Before spreading the lime, pass a little hedge or a plow to allow the lime to integrate more quickly into the land.

Wear protective equipment: lime may burn your skin, eyes and mouth. You should use protective equipment when spreading the lime. You should wear glasses, gloves and a mask in order to protect all exposed parts. Tight clothing also helps to keep out of the clothes. Lime is not toxic to people and animals, but it can irritate. Never rub your eyes and mouth with your hands with lime. At the end of the process wash well before performing another task.

Spread Lime: After equipping yourself with safety equipment, you can start spreading Lime by hand or using a lime spreader.

Pass the plows a second time: Pass a hedge or plow again to allow the lime to integrate more quickly into the ground.

Test the pH again after a month: It is also not possible to raise the pH instantly. You may have to spread the lime more than once if the soil is too acidic. After a month, do another test to see if the process has worked.