Quicklime extinguishing

This process of erasing quicklime consists of transforming quicklime into stone or powder into lime paste "Hydroxide of Lime in Paste". For decades it was carried out on site, the lime was acquired in stone or powder "bag" and transformed or erased in work to obtain the paste to be used in the most diverse applications.

This process has been falling into disuse over time, due to the loss of knowledge of the process itself, the use of powdered lime from industrial production and the appearance of pre-dosed products, among others. In reality this process is somewhat complex, demanding and risky. However, the knowledge and use of the techniques allows us to perform it in a simple and risk-free way. The mixture of quicklime in the water triggers a reactive process, the lime enters in reaction releasing heat, which can reach 90ºC to 120ºC. In works and applications that allow or require the use of lime, acquiring the quicklime and erasing it on site allows us to save a large part of the expected value in the area of materials.

In theoretical terms, the amount of quicklime is tripled after erasing, for example: "1kg of quicklime produces 3kg's of slaked lime in paste, thus obtaining a high yield".


Lime Erasure Process:

  • Pay attention to safety regulations;
  • Always use a metal container;
  • Lime can be in stone or powder;
  • Put water "we recommend the use of our lime water", or normal clean water in a metallic container in quantity 3 times greater than the amount of quicklime to be erased, example: "3lts of water - 1kg of quicklime;"
  • Add the quicklime to the water, carefully, in case it is powdery you should open the bags as close to the water as possible, so as not to release dust, in case it is stone, put the stones in the water lightly so as not to splash;
  • Mix the lime: if you choose to mix the lime during the whole reaction process you should be properly equipped with all the protective equipment, use a wooden utensil for the mixture and put the lime in a phased manner (+- for 2 times), put half of the lime in the water and start the constant mixture, until the reaction begins to lose strength, only then put the remaining lime and proceed in the same way. In case you choose to put all the lime in one time you should do it lightly. Soon after, before starting the reaction mix well to disperse the lime in the water as much as possible and leave it in reaction until it loses strength, keep the necessary distance because the reaction can spatter.
  • In case you need to pass the lime, you should do it still with the hot lime, 2 to 3 hours after the conclusion of the reaction. 8- After the conclusion of the process you should let the paste rest for 48 hours or more, to cool completely. Never apply the lime on hot.


  • Take into account safety standards;
  • Wear complete safety equipment: gloves, glasses, mask, boots and complete protective suit;
  • Always put the lime in the water and not the opposite;
  • From the moment the reaction starts, do not approach or make any mixture, because hot lime splashes may occur;
  • Never close the container where the reaction occurs so that the release of heat occurs;